Philip H. Cook, M.B.A., F.C.I.P. |  Consultant
Serving as Omega’s Chief Executive Officer since 2004, Mr. Phil Cook entered the Insurance Industry in 1962 and has worked in a variety of capacities with companies in England, Canada and the United States. From a background in Claims and Claims Management he moved to Administration, Operation and General Management. Before establishing Focus Group Inc. in 1986, he was the Chief Executive Officer for a major insurer. His qualifications and his extensive practical experience make him uniquely qualified to consult, advise and handle all aspects of insurance management. His specialties include claims management, strategic planning, risk management, feasibility studies, internal operations, IBNR calculations, audits and all areas of general management. He is presently Chief Agent for four insurers/reinsurers operating in the Canadian marketplace.

Matthew P. Cook, C.A., B.B.A.  |  President and CEO
Serving as Omega’s Chief Financial officer since 2004, Mr. Matthew Cook entered the insurance industry in 2004, after working at a number of companies in various industries. His Chartered Accountant designation and background has provided him with extensive experience in financial reporting, auditing, tax, financial systems, IT systems, and general management.

Brian P. Lupien  | Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Lupien has been serving as Till’s Chief Financial Officer since March 2016. From April 2014 to March 2016, Mr. Lupien served as Treasurer of Till. From 2000 to 2014, Mr. Lupien managed a private investment fund. A Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Lupien has experience in accounting and reporting responsibilities for a private investment fund and has worked as an audit manager for a variety of clients across multiple industries. A graduate of the University of California at Davis, Mr. Lupien earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1995 majoring in Managerial Economics and gained his Certified Public Accountant designation in 2000. Brian Lupien is the son-in-law of Till’s Chief Investment Officer and director, William Lupien. 

Judy Moncrieff, B.Sc., F.C.I.P. |  Vice President, Client Services
Judy entered the Insurance Industry in 1977 and has extensive experience in claims, technical and managerial areas, in both Insurer and Reinsurer operations and as a consultant. Her responsibilities include: Claims Management, Reserve Review, Litigation Management and Compliance Monitoring. She holds memberships in the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association and The Insurance Institute of Canada.

Debbie Stamp
Debbie entered the insurance industry in 1980 and has experience in both claims and underwriting. In addition to her insurance company experience, she spent 12 years with a major accounting firm in various capacities involving the run-off of a large insurance company.

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