Trading Strategy

Managed by Till Management Company, William A. Lupien the Chief Investment Officer oversees and directs the investment portfolio of the Company. Longer term equity investment is augmented by short term trading in a variety of financial instruments.  Mr. Lupien is an industry acknowledged expert and innovator, having been a Specialist on the trading floor for almost two decades, a Market Maker for 12 years, as well as a fund manager and private investor.   Mr. Lupien is assisted by Dr. Terry Rickard and a team of professional traders and analysts.

Dr. Terry Rickard is responsible for researching, developing and implementing various  automated trading systems. Akin to ‘artificial intelligence’, Dr. Rickard utilizes machine learning techniques to optimize trading system parameters from market data, based on system designs established by Mr. Lupien and his team. The team brings together a unique set of skills including market analysis, commodity market fundamentals, equity and financial instrument trading patterns and mechanisms, as well as system analysis and artificial intelligence. Commodity research is backed by the Company’s technical expertise in the minerals industry.